What it Means to Love

Here is a definition of love that may be thought provoking:

Love is willing the good of another person.  To will someone’s good is to “want, or work for” their benefit.

This kind of love has little to do with emotion, and less to do with desire or delight. Thus, you can love someone even if you don’t like them.

This definition of love makes it possible to “love our neighbor” as much as we love ourselves (we will, want and work for someone’s else’s good as much as our own) and even to “bless our enemy” (we will, want and work for the good of our enemy).

We will pursue this more on Christmas Day as part of our sermon...but this may be a helpful thought as we head into the holidays where we will have plenty of opportunity to love, (to will, want and work for the good) the people in our lives.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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