When Mary & Joseph Went Home...

I have never heard anyone speculate about what the trip home from Bethlehem was like for Joseph and Mary. We know they were in Bethlehem because Joseph had to register for a Roman census. We know they traveled from their home in Nazareth to this town. And so we can assume that they would have had to (days or weeks later?) gone home after Jesus' birth.

·         I wonder what that was like -  Joseph and Mary, meeting Joseph’s family, Mary’s family and introducing Jesus to them.

·         I wonder how much of the events of the night of Jesus birth they had relayed to family members.

·         I wonder what it was like to explain the name they had given him (remember an angel had chosen the name for Jesus [the Hebrew name Yeshua]).

·         I wonder what it was like to have family members pass Jesus around to hold him, to comfort him when he cried, to put him to sleep, to change him.

·         I wonder how many people told her that Jesus had her eyes?

That family probably had no clue as to who they were holding.

When we read the scriptures about Jesus being Immanuel, God with us, God in the flesh, we know more of Jesus true identity.

But it is good for us remember that Jesus was part of a normal everyday human family.  (God always works in families.) Remember this when you are with your own family.

Grace & Peace, 
Brad Swope

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