Asking & Waiting

As finite beings,we often find ourselves in places where we have no power to influence or control things.  (Increasingly, as I get older, I am more in touch with my limitations).

When you come to the end of yourself  as a believer, you have only two options. Both involve asking. One  involves waiting.

Option # 1 - You can ask God to intervene miraculously. The Bible is full of this kind of asking and it should be our first response to crisis or trouble.  

      But when we ask, and God chooses not to act, we then go to option #2

Option # 2 - You can begin to pray/intercede. The Bible is full of stories of God's people patiently asking, and patiently waiting for God to respond as they pray (Abraham, Joseph, Jeremiah, Zachariah, Paul,  etc...).

- This is the definition of long suffering or patient endurance. It is part and parcel to the Christian life. It is a  posture of trust, and of watching and of waiting for God's deliverance.

- This is what I believe Paul had in mind when he instructed the early church to "pray without ceasing"... He wanted them to take on the posture of prayer and intercession ... of turning to God and trusting him to act, in his good time and in his good ways.

Option # 3 - I guess there is a third option... despair/giving up... but this is the path of cynicism and hopelessness.

If you have found yourself choosing option #3 in some part of your life (as I have found myself), ask God for the strength to choose option # 2 again. There is much to learn and much he can teach us when we adopt such a posture

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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