Drivel & Distraction

A challenge: Much of our technology is supposed to save time and make our life easier. But do we ever actually save time and so have time left over?  (Imagine technology saving you so much time you have an extra hour each day?)... Or does the time we save just mean we cram more into our lives?

If in this fall we are talking about ruthlessly eliminating hurry, practicing being present to people, and practicing sabbath rest... it means we must deal with busyness, and distraction.

We must consider if we are giving our time to meaningful things or to drivel & distraction:

...if time saved (or created) is then used for things we believe in and are life giving, or given to that which we have no memory of the next day

Do we have  time in our lives... to think, consider, reflect, read, rest, relate?

Or is it filled with activity, distraction and amusement (the work means "no think")

As we try to slow down and have more margin, let's also consider what to fill our lives with and what to eliminate.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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