Easter Is Our Superbowl

If you didn't know, over the last few weeks, I have needed to take some of my time and put it towards preparing for a seminar I did last Thursday night at William Jessup University as part of my final doctoral project. The seminar went well, and I am now on my way to finishing by December as planned.

I then took the last few days to unplug and get my energy back. But now, I am excited about putting all my energy back into the ministry of Horizon.

Particularly, I feel ready to lead us to lean towards Easter. What do I mean?  I mean - that I want the Easter season, which begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1 and ends Easter Sunday, April 17 - to be deeply meaningful and significant for us as a church.

This may be a crass way of saying it, but Easter is our Superbowl. In the NFL there are five weeks of training, 17 weeks in the regular season, 3 weeks of playoffs and 2 weeks of preparation, which all leads to the Superbowl. The whole season is focused on this one event.

Similarly, the Christian Calendar begins at Advent and leads us up to Ash Wednesday, which begins a 40 day (7 week) process that leads us into the Easter celebration.

In these weeks, we will use the Thought for the Week, weekend services, as well as suggested resources to prepare our hearts for Jesus as Resurrected Son of God.

As we begin to shape this Easter narrative over the next few weeks, I want to encourage us all to prepare our hearts as to what God may want to do in us and through us in this vibrant and wonderful time of the Christian year.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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