God Acts on His Own Terms

Have you ever noticed how much of your own dissatisfaction with God is because God acts on his own terms and does not live according to yours?

Have you ever noticed that virtually all biblical stories are about God asking people to align their lives with his purposes, and NOT God aligning his purposes with their desires?

Have you ever noticed how small we make God when we want him to be more like a genie and less like an omnipotent God who keeps his own mind, who has a will, who is enacting a plan and who operates according to his own timetable?

Last week I found myself having a "poor me" moment... then I read a devotional where the writer pointed out that God invites us to live our lives on his terms, not on ours. I felt a little chagrined at my little pity party and so tried to instead re-boot my day asking God more about what he was doing.

What would it be like for us in moments of self pity to say instead, "OK God, apparently I'm not going to get my way here. What is it that you want? What is it that you are doing? How can I live on your terms rather than requiring you to live on mine?"

Just a thought.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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