Practices for the Season of Lent

There are three traditional practices that Christians observe during the season of Lent - fasting, praying, and giving to the poor (following the three issues Jesus speaks directly to Matthew 6 in the Sermon on the Mount.) Historically, Christians have tried to reincorporate these practices into their day to day lives so that habits are formed over these forty days. 

I thought I would share what our family is doing with one of these practices in case you need practical ideas. Each Sunday night, a different family member will choose a charity that they want to give money to and we will donate $25 to that charity as a family. We will then spend time praying for that charity.

The kids are giving up their allowance, and/or donating their own money for the charity they choose. Last night we picked KIVA, a micro-finance organization that seeks to support entrepreneurs across the world and donated $25 ( On the website you get to choose a person who is starting a business to lend money to. They repay the money over time and then you lend it to someone else.

We found it to be a way to engage our kids on an important topic, and to give to the poor at the same time.

I encourage you to find your own way to engage these practices in your season of Lent.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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