What To Do With Our Feelings

This morning, I woke up "feeling" frustrated and agitated.

I had 30 minutes before the family awoke. So I sat down for time with God. (I didn't "feel" like doing this).

I expressed my "feelings" to God, asking for his help in sorting them out (not wanting to make too little or too much of them).

God led me to sit quietly and it felt like the intensity of the "feelings" began to drain out of me... (the "feelings" lost some of their power). 

And then I took a few minutes to process why I was "feeling" what I was.

I was able to leave that time without those "feelings" (which were still there, but largely diminished), from dictating how my week would begin (my attitude, my actions etc...).

I say all this to illustrate an old quote by Dallas Willard: "Feelings, while real, are not reliable guides for how to live our lives."

It's important for us to process and understand our feelings, but not live from them, because they will often lead us to live in ways that are counterproductive, or unwise.  Our will is deeper than our feelings and thus we can, even while feeling strong things, choose well and wisely with God's help.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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