A Different Kind of Season

At 79 years old, I am watching my father turn into a contemplative, a mystic, a man who loves prayer/silence/solitude... a man of depth, a man who is delighting in God.

Don't get me wrong. My father has loved and served God throughout my entire life. As a pastor, he has preached the word and cared for people and started three churches. He has led many people to Christ, has baptized scores, has led prayer meetings and weddings and funerals.

But this is a different kind of season. He is retired and now has time to spend hours a day on his sun deck, reading, praying & thinking, just being with God. He seems satisfied, at ease and at rest in ways I have never seen before. And prayer seems to be where he  finds most contentment.

And though the opportunities to "influence" people are greatly diminished, as he has no platform, pulpit or church, I can't help but wonder if these will be some of his most fruitful years.

(Incidentally, I saw this same thing happen with my father-in-law in the years before he died)

I wonder what might I learn from both of them, even living in a season of my life that looks nothing like they one they are/were in?

Grace and Peace,
Brad Swope

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