Questions and Ideas

Last week, there was a "hole" in the schedule and I preached a sermon on a topic suggested to me by someone in the church.  It was a great topic and i got great feedback that God had spoken to a lot of people through it. Afterwards, I thought about how important it is to allow God speak through the congregation in ways such as this.

This week, I am planning the fall preaching schedule and thought, "Why not ask what topics or subjects others might have on their minds that might benefit our church. Perhaps I can then intersperse a few of these topics throughout the schedule this fall."

So... I'm asking: Do you have a question you'd like addressed? Do you have an idea for a sermon? Do you have a subject you think God might want us to explore as a church? If so, send it to me.

While I can't promise that I will cover them all, I do think we might find more ways for God to speak through the congregation to the church about topics that are very important.

Please send me thoughts and ideas at bswope@rosevillehorizon,org

Grace & Peace,

Brad Swope

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