Prayers for Those in Texas

It's hard to know what to do as we see people suffering under the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  But there is two things that we can do, even as far away as we are.

1) We can pray. They expect rain through Labor day weekend.  That means flooding will get worse. The area affected by flooding is about the size of Lake Michigan.  Pray for the storm to dissipate. Pray for daily bread (what people need to survive today) for all those who suffer - rescue, shelter, food, clothing, & hope . Don't dismiss this. We don't know exactly how we participate with God through prayer, but we know that the scriptures say that we do and we know that God asks us to pray.

2) We can give. Below is a list of charities who are taking donations specifically for those effected by Hurricane Harvey. As you feel led, give and pray that the money would be stewarded well so as to bless a maximum amount of people. 

  • American Red Cross. To make a financial donation, visit the their website, call 1.800.RED CROSS or text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation for those in need.
  • Catholic Charities of USA. To make a financial donation, visit CCUSA's disaster-specific website or text 71777 to make a donation.
  • Global Giving. To make a financial donation, visit their website or text HARVEY to 80100 to donate $10 to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.
  • Salvation Army. To make a financial donation, visit, call 1.800.SAL ARMY, or text STORM to 51555.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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