Yes it is time for the annual "Seasons" blog post.  Yesterday I dropped off my daughter at college. This week fall sports begin for two of my kids.  The class I teach at William Jessup started a week ago. Vacation is long behind our family, and a full fall lies ahead.

Every turn of season means saying goodbye to one way of living/being/relating and saying hello to another. If summer gives us more space to relax, travel, BBQ etc... the fall feels like a time of engaging more fully in our work lives.

(My mother told me today that after a busy season of hosting many people at her house, she feels like God is leading her into a season of rest. The former season left her empty, a bit fragile, and exhausted. She hopes the new season of less activity will be restorative to her.)  

The change of season always reminds me that there are seasons in our spiritual lives as well. There are flourishing seasons of faith and seasons where the fields of faith lie fallow; there are seasons where we feel engaged, and seasons where we feel detached; seasons when God feel present and seasons where he seems hidden from us.

The key to know is that God is NEVER absent from any season of your life. He is always at work in our lives.  What season you are in?  And what does God want to do in this season of your life? 

Brad Swope

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