Finding Our Lives - a Spiritual Challenge

Yesterday, as part of a fall  spiritual challenge, I named three things that I felt God was challenging all of us to work on as a church this fall:

1) To Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry
2) To Practice Being Present
3) To Practice Sabbath Rest

For the next three weeks I will talk about each of these in turn. This will give us a chance to go more in depth and to compare notes as to what we learn

Over twenty years ago, Dallas Willard said something to me and a group of twenty something pastors that I have never forgotten, but never applied. He said that for our lives to flourish as disciples we had to "ruthlessly eliminate hurry."

Standing where I am, I see that he was a prophet, predicting where all the technological advances would take us as a culture. We are hurried, harried, busy and driven. We over commit, plan poorly, and are not master of our own schedules. So we rush around like chickens with our heads cut off.

What does hurry do to us?
1) We miss important things when we hurry
2) We treat people poorly when we hurry
3) We cannot be present to God's direction when in a hurry.  
4) We cannot be present to people when we are in a hurry.
5) We introduce unneeded anxiety into our lives when we are in a hurry.

What would it look like to eliminate hurry?
1) You would have to own your schedule
2) You would have to cut some things out
3) You would have to be ok with some margin in your day

What we might do to eliminate hurry?
1) I am planning to build ten minutes before and after things I have planned this week
2) I am working on my schedule now, trying to see what needs to be cut out to create more space

Who else wants to practice "ruthlessly eliminating hurry" with me this week? What ideas do you have?

Grace & Peace,

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