New Year Realities

You wake up on January 2nd, and you realize the holidays are officially over.  

And then you realize that the time you had planned to set aside during the holidays to think, to reflect, to plan has evaporated. You had wanted to do some "soul" work, but alas that time was filled up with travel and parties, people and activities.

With the first cup of coffee on Jan. 2nd, you recognize that the new year is upon you, work now begins again in earnest, routine kicks back in and you are not quite sure you are ready for it.

The truth is that we usually put unrealistic expectations on the holidays to do "soul work." So rather than regretting the way you did spend your time, as the new year begins, here are a few things you might do to get ready for the new year:

1) Invite God to meet you where you are at (he is your good shepherd who promises to lead you to green pastures and quiet waters).

2) Make whatever small changes you can to your schedule so that you can daily spend time with God in these first few weeks (get quiet with God and expect him to speak).

3) With God's direction, make a few decisions, and ground them well (instead of trying to bring a lot of change to a lot of areas, let God direct you to what may lead to lasting change in a few vital areas).

Grace to you in this new year, found in God's abiding presence.
Peace to you in this new year, found in God's healing work in your life.

Brad Swope

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