What Busyness Does to Love

There was a social experiment that was done at a Christian University. Students were told to prepare a talk on the meaning of the story of the Good Samaritan. They were then given instructions as to where on campus they had to go to give the talk.

Some students were given only just enough time to get there and others were given more time.

Positioned in the route of all the students was a person who appeared to be injured.

Most of the students who would have been late had they stopped to help, didn't stop. They could not connect the content of their talk to the real life situation because hurry blinded them. Most of the students with more time did stop, since they had time to see and stop and provide some care.

Were either set of students more moral or virtuous than the other?

No, the only difference was time.

The truth is busyness does violence to love ... hurry is the enemy of love.

Next week, we will explore the idea that God wants to teach us to redeem time.

But for this week, think about what it might look like to not be driven by time or blinded by time, so that we can be present to God and to each other, and so have the space to love and serve.

Grace & Peace,

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