Amuse vs. Re-Create

I want you to think about how you spend your down time. Two words help us explore this.  The first is the word amuse which literally means to “not think” (“a”= not, “muse” = “to think”).  To find amusement is to find things to help you escape and find distraction. The second word is recreate which literally means to “make new again” (“re”= “again”, create” = “make  new”)  To re-ceate is to find those things that renew you and give you joy.  

There is nothing wrong with amusement. It’s nice to escape. But amusement cannot do for us what recreation does. Recreation connects us to God, nature, other humans, beauty etc... Also, amusement is easier than recreation. Recreation usually requires something of you. You don’t just find yourself recreating– it usually needs to be planned for. This is why we usually find ourselves choosing amusement over recreation.  

So, according to these definitions, how much of your down time is amusement and how much is recreation? How much of it is simply mindless palaver and how much renews you?  Make a list of how you spend your down time. Is it balanced? Do you need to put more emphasis on being "recreated"?

Grace & Peace,

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