Less Worry, More Peace

There is a price we pay for all the noise in our life… and the price is internal peace

With each passing decade, Americans are measurably more stressed, more anxious and more depressed. This is despite the fact that we, by and large, enjoy prosperity our grandparents couldn’t dream of.  Though I am sure our worried condition is due to many factors, I am also sure that one of the things that contributes is our cell phones.  

So each year, in the college class I teach, I give my students a challenge. For one month, for the first hour and the last hour of the day, they are not to access their cell phones/or the internet.  As you can imagine, this exercise is very hard for them. (Which is why I entice them with extra credit points).

But for those who take the challenge, after a few weeks of struggle, I hear them say things like, “It’s amazing, I am sleeping better” or “I find I am waking up happier” or “I find I am having deeper conversations with my roommate” or “I am enjoying the quiet more” or “I am finding a new desire to pray or read.” .

What they did was remove the stream of 24/7 information/social media/entertainment; and what they gained was space, and what they filled that space was things that created peace. 

Want to take the challenge?

Grace & Peace,

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