Injecting Meaning

In the scriptures, the technical word for a complete unit of thought is a pericope (think, a passage of scripture, rather than a verse).

Now think of your day as not being made up of moments but of pericopes...units of attention/time/energy given to something.

Now think about what portions of your day (pericopes) seem mundane to you... the daily commute, folding laundry, cutting grass, paperwork etc...

What would happen if you were to intentionally try to inject meaning into each pericope of your day?  What would happen if you were to ask yourself, "How can this section of my day be meaningful? How can I see it from God's perspective? How can I join God in what he is doing even in these mundane moments?"

I have been doing this as a little experiment in the last week, and I have found it brings life to what often feels lifeless to us ... 

How will the way I greet my wife in the morning be meaningful?
How will my interaction with contractors be meaningful?
How will the way I talk with my kids before bed be meaningful?
How will my drive to work be meaningful?

I think that this kind of thoughtful approach to injecting meaning into the mundane has to be what Jesus meant when he said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God..."

Grace & Peace, 
Brad Swope

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