Redeeming Time

Last week we talked about how speed, hurry, & busyness are all enemies of love. This week we want to talk about the nature of time.

As the Genesis account teaches us that linear time is part of God's creation... It did not exist until God called it into being.  It existed then as a wholly good part of the cosmos. 

But sin warped all parts of God's creation when it entered the world, which means it also warped time.  Time now exists in a broken state. 

In this broken state, we serve time, we fear the passage of time, there never seems to be enough time, we are always trying  to make more time... 

But since God's plan is to redeem "all things" effected by the fall, that means that time can also be redeemed. 

So the question is, what does redeemed time look like? To me...

- Redeemed time now is seen as a gift from GodHe gives it to us. We receive it gratefully 
- Redeemed time now is seen as the servant not the master.  It does not drive us, it serves us.
- Redeemed time is used for God's purposes and for his glory. Like Jesus, we try to follow the spirit in using wisely the time we have been given.

What might that look like practically? Each day is received from God and we thank him for it. And then we go into our days seeking a way to wisely steward our time, investing in the things that matter most.

- That includes worship, and pursing a depth of relationship with God
- That includes our work, our relationships, our health, our rest
- That includes the work of the church, the work of evangelism, the work of compassion, the work of hospitality etc...

I wonder if this might help us understand Matt 11:28 - where Jesus promises us rest, if we only take his yoke upon us.

So this week, meditate on the idea that God is redeeming  your time, and that time is now to be received as a gift, and used wisely. And so enter God's rest.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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