Really Listening

When was the last time someone really listened to you?  Has it been awhile?

Listening includes giving someone unhurried space to express themselves without trying to give advice or solve the problem.  It includes asking questions or using prompts to draw the person out so that they "get out" what they need to.  

Someone listened to me last week (my wife) and in the space of just a few short minutes, the tension I had been feeling was resolved.  What had been eating at me all week was dissipated after she simply took time to listen to me. 

Listening is a great gift that you can give others and one of the best ways to show someone love.

Unfortunately, listening is a skill very few people have developed and is thus in short supply in our world. But, since it is a skill, it is something we can get better at.

Sometime this week, practice listening to someone.

Quiet your mind, still your "ready reply", and give someone space to express themselves... and see what happens as you begin to listen.

Grace & Peace,

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