At a conference I was at a few weeks ago, a philosopher shared this story:

He was spending time with his young son, swinging him on the swing set.  Absentmindedly, he had taken out his phone and was scrolling through emails.

His son asked him, "Dad, will there ever be this moment again?' 
"Son, do you mean will there ever be this exact moment in time again?"
"No, Dad, will there ever be this moment again?"
"Do you mean will there every be this specific moment on this particular day and time again?
"No Dad, will there every be THIS moment again?"

The penny finally dropped and the man realized, that this moment was an absolute one -off. There would never be that exact moment again.  There might be moments like it in the future, but that one moment, at that time, was going to happen and then be gone.

He finally replied, "No son, there will never be this moment again."

And then he slipped his phone into his pocket, determining to be present with his son in that moment in a deeper way.

Here is to being present to the people in your life, in the exact moment you are in, in a much deeper way this week.

Grace & Peace.
Brad Swope

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