What Can We Count On?

What can we count in our life with God?

Let's talk about grace for a minute. Grace is a beautiful word, but somewhat mysterious. Most of us have been taught that it is "unmerited favor". But that doesn't quite capture it for me. 

Perhaps the simplest way to think of Grace is as God's help... as His assistance... it is where He does things for us that we cannot do for ourselves.

This of course, can be applied to large issues like forgiveness and salvation. But Grace can also be for every day things:

  • Grace can be God giving us courage, or hope or understanding when we need it.
  • Grace can be protecting us from the worst of ourselves.
  • Grace can be meeting a physical or emotional need in us.
  • Grace can be energy to do what God asks.
  • Grace is the fuel we burn when we forgive others.
  • Grace is the power we use when we turn away from  temptation.
  • Grace is there when we laugh and sing and worship and love.

Most profoundly, grace is what we can always count on from God. He is always present to us to give us what we need for any situation. And when we receive anything from him, it is always grace.

That means, as we learn to be present to God in our lives, we can turn to him and expect to receive grace (what we need) in all circumstances. We can count on it. We can take that to the bank.

Grace to you this week!

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