Was Abraham Saved?

I was reading an interview with a famous theologian and he was asked the question, "Was Abraham saved?"

The interviewer was not actually doubting that Abraham was in fact "saved"... he was exploring exactly how someone might be saved before the Incarnation (when Jesus came to live, die and be resurrected).  The theologian went on to talk about the act of believing God's promise and acting on it was in fact the way in which Abraham entered into the redemptive plan of God. 

While the discussion was fascinating to me, what was more interesting was how it revealed to me that we tend to treat Old Testament men and women as somehow less than us, and that somehow they experienced less of God. I'm not sure that is accurate.

If we believe this, we will tend to dismiss that they have anything to teach us... and thus we will tend to naturally treat the Old Testament as not that useful.

I think I might have a hard time in explaining to Abraham, David, Moses, Joseph, Deborah, Esther, and Isaiah that they and their experiences of God were less significant than my own.

Let's let the fathers and mothers of our faith, both those in the Old and New Testament, speak to us about the life of faith, about trusting God, and about how we can learn to experience more of his grace and peace in our lives.

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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