You Are Nobody's Savior

I learned an important lesson early in ministry that I think has application for all Christians. That lesson was that we are never called to be anyone's savior. 

Now you might be thinking, "No one would ever confuse you for a Savior, Brad." And you'd be right.

What I mean is, it is often very tempting, when you encounter a person in crisis, to want to "rescue" that person. The need is obvious, your  ability to meet that need is clear, so, in you ride on your white horse to the rescue.

But there is one crucial step missing. The missing step is to stop and ask God the question, "What are you asking me to do here?" God may have you meet the need right away; but he also might ask you to wait, watch and pray, before acting, so that when you do help, it really is a help. And sometimes, he won't direct you to act, but to pray.

Saving people is God's work.  We can play a small role in helping to address the need of a person in crisis. But God will always play the larger role.  He is the one in charge of His redemptive program, and he is the who who orchestrates people as part of his plan.

Seeing yourself as ONLY responsible to do the part God assigns you, keep you from hubris, protects you from burnout and shows you, as you wait, that God is on the job.

Remember even Jesus only  did what he saw the Father doing. That means he did not go out in front of what God wanted to do. And it meant, sometimes, he didn't do what others expected him to do

Grace & Peace,
Brad Swope

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