Where to Begin

Most of us want a rich and deep devotional life.  Yet developing and protecting that life is difficult. You want to have a set time and structure, but life keeps getting in the way.

So we struggle with a guilt & frustration, and then find at some point we just get apathetic.

What should we do ... ?

My advice? Seek simplicity. Find a few small things that you can do daily, and which can be done even when schedules are disrupted.

For example, 

  • memorize the 23rd Psalm and prayerfully meditate on it 1x or 2x a day

  • use the Lord's prayer to structure a 5-10 minute prayer time.

  • do centering prayer as a way of getting quiet

I have been praying the daily office twice a day. The Daily office is a short service that takes about 10  minutes to pray through. There is a morning service or an evening service, but you can do it whenever. (I use an app to guide me - text me and I will share the app).

The point is to start small and simple, be flexible, yet committed and see if you can get a devotional foundation established that you can build on.

Grace and Peace,

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