If you have an idea for an event or small group, please contact the correct Ministry Director before filling out this form.

  • If your event/small group is for any/all members of the church regardless of age/gender: Adell Gillman

  • If your event is a local community service project: Annette Seeber

  • If your event is primarily for Youth (6th - 12th grades): Manny Galvan

  • If your event is primarily for Children and/or families: Bethany Bennett

  • If your event is for Women: Donna Guardino

  • If your event is for Men: Dan Baker

  • If you’re not sure, please email us.

The Ministry Director will work with you on your idea, get dates approved, and either they or you will fill out this form. Please fill out this form as much in advance as possible. The form will be sent to the calendar team. Thank you!

Event Lead Name *
Event Lead Name
As it should appear on the public Calendar.
As it should appear on the public Calendar. Include everything an attendee would need to know about this event.
Event Audience *
Check ALL that apply!
Event Audience - Invite a Friend *
Are attendees encouraged to "invite a friend" or is this more for just Horizon attendees only due to space constraints or other reasons? (If marked Yes, then "Invite a friend" will be added to the description.)
Event Childcare *
IF applicable, will this event provide childcare?
Event Attendee Numbers *
Is there a limit to how many people can attend this event?
IF there is a maxium number of attendees, please put the number here. Please include yourself and any othe co-hosts in this maximum,
Event Date *
Event Date
If this is a recurring event, please select the FIRST date only.
Please specify AM or PM.
Provide an approximate end time. Please specify AM or PM.
For example, "Horizon Church," or for a small group, list the name of the host's house, or other location. Or enter TBD.
If at Horizon Church, enter 628 Royer. If not yet known, enter TBD.
Event Recurrence *
Is this a recurring event?
Event Recurrence Frequency
IF this is a recurring event, how often will it repeat? (If not recurring, leave blank.)
IF recurring, how many times should this event occur? (For example, if a Small Group is going to be 12 weeks long, enter 12.) (If not recurring, leave blank.)
IF recurring, is the event almost always at the same location (with occassional exceptions, which would be communicated to regular attendees)? (If not recurring, leave blank.)
Event Attendee Registration *
Does this event require attendees to register? (Most events and small groups do - to help determine number of attendees, names of attendees, and resources needed such as food or materials.)
What Sunday date should this event first be announced to the church? (Horizon standard is usually 3 weeks prior.)
Event Fee *
Should an attendee pay a fee to attend this event?
IF there is a fee required, what is the fee per attendee? Also, is there a different fee for different types of attendees? If so, please describe. (For a small group, you can describe the cost of a book, for example.)
Event Ticket
Should the attendee bring a ticket to the event? (Most cases - no.)
Describe what the attendees should bring, if anything. (Here are a few examples: "Bring a side dish if you can." "Wear warm clothes." "We will be painting - dress accordingly.")