Mexico Mission Trip 2019 


Our church will be partnering with Amor Ministries to build a house for a family in need in Mexico. For the last 38 years, Amor has been working to keep families together by building homes and other means. They share the grace and love of Jesus by providing security, safety, and stability to families who would otherwise be without. Learn more about Amor

Who Can Go: For Youth Group ages 11?? and up, however, adults with LiveScan can attend as well.
When: We leave the of April 13th and arrive back April 20th.
How: We will travel by ?? car?
Last Day to Register:
If going, you must attend Prep Meetings on the following days:

Requirements: Passport, notary for minor attending without parent, packing slip provided …
Main Contact/Questions: Manny Galvan,



Who is Amor? Amor Ministries has been leading mission trips to help families in Mexico and other locations for many years; here are some facts:


Learn more at Amor.

What is the town my kid will be staying in and working in? The town is …

What kinds of things will my kid be doing and what are the hours? They will be …

How is transportation to and from Mexico handled?

How is the transportation to and from the work site handled?

Find more general information from Amor

Safety & Security:

What are the backgrounds of the adults from Horizon involved in this trip - what is the background check? All adults from Horizon must have their Live Scan complete before …

How safe is the location of this mission? It is safe …

How can I stay in communication with my kid during the trip?

Will my kid have access to their cell phone thoughout the trip?

Find more info on safety from Amor


Does my kid take care of/keep track of their own medication during the trip (eg. any prescribed medicine or Tylenol, for example)? Your kid will …

What is my kid becomes ill - is there a doctor or clinic nearby? There is a …

How are medical emergenices during the trip handled? What is the name of the local hospital?