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COVID-19 Update

Official Statement

December 16, 2021

As you know, on Wednesday (12/15/21), the state put out a directive to again adopt masks in all indoor settings because of the growing concerns around the omicron COVID variant. In doing our own research, we have seen a sharp increase in both infection rates and caseloads in local hospitals. We also know that we have immuno-compromised people in our body and others who are vulnerable to exposure who worship with us weekly. So, while state regulations do not require us to wear a mask during our worship services, we are going to encourage you to wear a mask for the next few weeks as a way to love and serve each other.  Let us be determined to not let this dampen our rich Advent celebration as we proclaim the gospel and celebrate Emmanuel, God with us. Keeping Jesus at the center will help us all navigate these days together.

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