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Good News

Yesterday we introduced the theme for our summer preaching series in Luke 4-7 where Jesus announced the his ministry... Luke 4:18 - "The Spirit of the Lord is on me to proclaim good news to the poor...

I wanted to talk a bit more about the news that Jesus proclaimed (both then and now)..

We said that the news Jesus proclaims, both in his day and in this day, is ... 1) always good 2) always public 3) always for everyone

I didn't have a chance to talk much about # 3... so here are a few thoughts

I believe Jesus had a profound understanding of what it is to be truly human... and he desired to release the hidden potential in every person he met.

That potential was locked up with an understanding & experience of the love of His father.

He wanted everyone to know that the father calls us into being, that he makes us utterly unique, that he delights to relate to us, that he has unique purposes for our lives, that he desires to form us well for who he calls us to be. etc...

So everywhere Jesus went, and, with every person he met, he sought to do that work in them (this was his invitation into God's kingdom)

So whether the person was a Pharisee, a Centurion, a "Sinner", a child, a disciple, a tax collector. a scribe...  we can read those all those different kinds of interactions from that framework.

Now consider how Jesus wants to interact with you... what he sees in you... what he wants to introduce to you... what he wants to teach you... what he needs to confront in you...

Jesus is utterly committed to you... utterly committed to forming you to be all that God has in mind.

THAT is truly Good news.

Grace & Peace



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