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Hospitality: A Fall Challenge

Back I when I was a child, when a Christian thought about the practice of hospitality, they thought of having someone into their home for a meal. And Christians tended to limit hospitality to that one application.

But of course, hospitality is much larger than just hosting someone in your home - hospitality could include any form of care for the stranger (someone you don't know well),  neighbor, or marginalized person.

But ironically, with how society has changed in the last 50 years, having someone in your home may, in fact, be the best way to practice this ancient Christian discipline.

Why? Because people are now treating their homes as completely private places and don't ever really have people in their homes anymore because of their overly busy lives. Yet, people are also feeling increasingly isolated and lonely and have very few contacts of any depth with people in any given month.

To address this, would you consider this fall challenge: to have at least one new person/family from the church into your home OR at least out for a meal in the next month.

(Please push yourself to not just invite someone you already know or are already comfortable with, but invite someone new to you or new to the church)

If we do really want to know each other, care for each other and be connected to each other as a church, this would help.

Grace & Peace



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