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Limitations & Self Control

Every month, our family comes close to running out of cell phone data (we have six lines). Near the end of the month, one of my kids will invariably ask me to give them more data. Then they will say, "Why don't we just get unlimited data?" And every month, I give them the same speech:  "Limitations are good for humans...humans need limits."

What I mean by this is that when we see humanity at its worst, it is when normal limitations have been lifted on their power, their pleasure, or their freedom. We see what can happen when there is no one who can say, "No!" to star athletes, the very rich, politicians, rock stars and such. Either their lives go off the rails or they abuse their power by bullying the world to always get their way.

Back to my cell phone illustration... unlimited data would mean this for my family: We don't have to budget. We don't have to control our consumption. We don't have to say no to ourselves.

I want my kids to know how to do this.

Next Sunday we will be studying 2 Peter 1:5 where Peter will say that we are to add "self-control" to our faith.  In preparation, think this week about how important self-control is to growing and maturing as human beings and as Christians.



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